Let’s Face IT Matters To Everyone


As Information Technology restructures the work situation, it abstracts thought from action. -Shoshana Zuboff

As the days, months and years go by Information Technology has reshaped our lives from our work and even our daily lives. It has taken over my personal and professional life by making it more convenient. Since MGT 286 is about to end I had my realizations why IT  does matter?

It widens my idea on how IT impacts workplace and why managers must understand and involve in IT and the importance of integrating it on every organization. In relation to this, being an online worker (BPO industry) I experienced a complete shift in how I work before in a typical office due to rapid technological advancement.  Continue reading “Let’s Face IT Matters To Everyone”


What Social Media can do for me?


“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO Social Media, the question is how well we do it.” -Erik Qualaman

Social media changed the way we interact with family, friends and other people. It keep us connected and brings people together. So If were to answer this question, “What Social media can do for me?” There are a lot of opportunities Social media has provided for my personal growth. Continue reading “What Social Media can do for me?”

Software Piracy Can Hurt You


Many people today are guilty of this so called Software Piracy. By using pirated/unlicensed software, it is important that we need to understand the risk associated with it. It may have its kicks but later on we’ll reap its kickbacks.

There ar e different types of software piracy and even tough it is illegal there are still millions of software pirates enjoying what they have stolen. We Filipinos, must be law abiding citizens and we are aware that software piracy is a theft and overall it has an impact on the economy.  Continue reading “Software Piracy Can Hurt You”

KM – The Way To Profits

How Knowledge Management are transforming businesses?  

kmHaving an effective KM  increases productivity, improves retention and helps decision-making capabilities of an organization. But what is Knowledge Management?

“Knowledge management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge.”  -kmworld.com

In line with this definition, what would be the benefits of an organization who actively managing knowledge? Even in my organization, we are implementing KM in various ways. Continue reading “KM – The Way To Profits”

Business Intelligence Is the Key


How are businesses gain a competitive advantage in their market space?  

There are several reasons why companies succeed in the long-run but one of these is crucial in taking your business to the next level and it is called Business Intelligence (BI). Just a brief definition about Business Intelligence – these are tools and systems used in improving productivity and profitability. BI  is use to gather, store and analyze data to aid in decision-making of an organization.  Continue reading “Business Intelligence Is the Key”

Why Go Wireless?

Does your organization need a wireless network? The quick answer could be YES, probably because of the major shift of how people use wireless technology to do their job productively. Okay, so let’s talk straight away about the key business benefits of using wireless network technology.


Improves data communications; transferring of information was made easy  by Wireless technology because people from different department can monitor, check and modify vital records and data in a real-time manner. Being in an online industry this is the real scenario, we have various departments and we are using one common network drive where each department can access via VPN.  Continue reading “Why Go Wireless?”